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Kapeleris Talk TV (2016) - Show 24 with Debbie Cosic
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Real Estate Mortgage Fraud
2016 Q1 GTA Housing Results
Tim Syrianos - TREB President
Ettore Cardarelli
Roy Cocciollo
Constable Heather Cannon (PRP)
How to save money
My Real Estate Career Commentary
Interview with Asha Singh
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Kapeleris Talk TV - Carol D'Avolio
President Elect of the Ontario Real Estate Association -Ettore Cardarelli
President Elect of Toronto Real Estate Board- Tim Syrianos
2016 First Quarter GTA Housing Market Results
Carmela Commentary: Real Estate Mortgage Fraud
Louis Commentary- People often ask me Should I buy or sell first
Carmela – Is Investing in Rental Properties for you
Carmela- Holding back Offers to Designated Dates
Kapeleris Talk TV- Domenic & Jody Manchisi -Brokers Milton,Ontario
Peter Mueller- The Profit Centre -SPP Coaching
Norbert Augustine - Artisté Creator- Vivian Lane, Brampton
Kapeleris Talk TV - Carol D'Avolio
Bonnie Crombie: Rogers Shows
Kapeleris Talk TV - Ryan Hodge
Mary Roy
Carmela's Commentary on For Sale Signs
Carmela talks about Hidden Costs when Purchasing a Property
Carmela talks about Seniors & Real Estate
Carmela talks about Selling Your Home without an agent
Carmela talks about Gen Y's & Real Estate
Kapeleris Talk TV - Lynda Stern-Lambersky & Norton Lambersky, Door 2 Door Movers
Kapeleris Talk TV - Victor Oliveira, InourCare Seniors Home Care
Kapeleris Talk TV on Rogers -Channel 10 - Kathleen Black
Kapeleris Talk TV on Channel 10 - Ryan Hodge
Host, Realtor, Broker, Marketing Expert Carmela Kapeleris talks with Mississauga Mayor, Bonnie Crombie.
Host, Realtor, Broker, Marketing Expert, Carmela Kapeleris talks with Business Mentor, Author, Richard Robbins.
Hazel McCallion
Jon Cheplak
Carmela talks about Proper Real Estate Buying Etiquette:
Carmela talks to Gil Moore - Former band member of TRIUMPH and CEO & Founder of Metalworks Studio and Metalworks Institute:
Carmela talks to Panos Loucaides & Jeff Gleva from A Buyers Choice Home Inspection talk about what to look for in Home Inspection:
Carmela talks about Tips on Staging Your Home - describing Before & After Photos with-Jill Ackerman & Colleen Donovan-CMD Staging
Kapeleris Talk TV - Commentary on Being successful in life!
KapelerisTalkTV - Commentary: How to sell a house that didn’t sell the first time it was on the Market
Carmela Talks about Investing in Condos- Is it a good time?
Carmela talks to Roy Cocciollo - Mortgage Broker, Your mortgage, Your way talk about mortgage, identity and rental Fraud:
Carmela talks about Selling Your Home without an agent:
Carmela talks about Gen Y's & Real Estate:

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Seniors & Real Estate:
Hidden Costs when Buying a Property
Listing your home with a Friend
Staging Homes
Door 2 Door Movers - Tips:
Victor Oliveira, 
Mary Roy, Team Leader
Richard Robbins